Saturday, December 4, 2010

Much to explore!

I've been meaning to get over here for days now...but I can't seem to pull myself away from all the inspiration!  Kim Klassen is opening me up to a whole new world of textures, Vivienne McMaster continues to amaze me with her e-course on selfies, and Tracey Clark's Picture Holidays has just begun.  And I'm supposed to find time for xmas shopping?  Not today.  There is much to be explored.


  1. Wow, girl, you have got a lot going on! And somewhere in your busy day you must be finding time to go to work, yes? Enjoy!!

  2. YIPPY! i found you on my own.
    i am sooo happy that you started this blog. i think about you all the time and wonder what beautiful kate is up to and now i can come to your blog and find out...if you aren.t too busy creating with kim and viv and tracey and all....
    miss you.
    happy happy happy to see you join the ranks.

  3. so much to do and so little time. the beauty of life is that inspiration is all around us. keep soaking it up. the christmas shopping will eventually get done.