Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A painting finished, a flight in sight

Life has been a bit of a gong show lately.  You know those days...when every hour seems to be scheduled.  When the minutes slip by into days that are lost - gone forever - and you're not really sure what just happened.  It's getting to be springtime around here, and I wonder how that happened so quickly.

It's times like these where I want to just get away from it all.  Head off on a little holiday and have a little time for self-reflection and FUN.  It's times like these that I pat myself on the back for having the foresight to actually schedule in some planned fun!

That's right.  I'm heading off on a little holiday tomorrow.  It's a quick trip - but I know it will be a deep one.  I've been looking forward to this for months now.  Can't wait to see a handful of my scarf sisters...and meet this amazing this awesome looking corner of the world.  Good times, good times.

But before I leave, I feel the need to update you on my massive painting that was inspired by Flora Bowley.  It started out like this.

Then morphed into this.

And then this.

And finally, the finished product.

I actually kinda like the 3rd painting the best - but whatever!  It will be interesting to see what becomes of my canvases after being immersed in Flora's techniques for a full 3 days.

A funny story about that finished product though.  It would probably still be a half finished project were it not for my better half.  He said I couldn't go on this trip - or Artfest at the end of March! - until it was done.  He gets me.  He knows what motivates me.

But just between you and me, I probably still would have gone anyway.  :)



  1. Cool painting!
    I am so behind on your blog! That snowshoeing looked so fun, and a big Congrats on being IN!!

  2. you are so lucky and you are going to have so much fun with Flora. Love your painting! I've been working on a flora inspired piece too. See you soon at ARTFEST!!!

  3. My goodness, girl - look at you go!! What a painter you have turned out to be and what fun you will have!!

  4. I found your blog via Michelle Allen's blog whom I met at ArtFest...funny little world and it seems like we share an interest in I am in beyond layers right now and have done Vivienne's classes too. We should all wear blog buttons of the groups we belong too so we can spot each other at other events. Flora is on my bucket list of your painting.